EKO-Gramont plant processing wastewater

EKO-Gramont plants for processing wastewater provide natural treatment of wastewater without using a single chemical. This compact plant for processing wastewater is an industrially designed and manufactured unit for the complete biological purification of sewage from hostels, hotels, campsites, small settlements and other lightly loaded industrial wastewaters. It can also be used to treat composition of standard fecal matter and wastewater. EKO-Gramont plants are manufactured for capacities ranging from 250 ES to 1000 ES, with the possibility to upgrade to a maximum of 5000 ES.

Although each EKO-Gramont plant is unique and will be adapted to your specific needs, the following are always present:

Reliable performance

Easy work control and low maintenance (employee training for working on the plant is also provided)

The EKO-Gramont plant is aesthetically well-designed and does not give off any strong or unpleasant odours, making it much more preferable than a conventional plant for processing wastewater.

Clearly separated water line (liquid) from the sludge line (solid faze)

Both produce a final product of high-quality without any negative ecological effects. The EKO-Gramont system is easy to work with, economical and an aesthetically pleasing system for wastewater treatment which produces results without disturbing the environment.

          Possibility of upgrading the system for higher loads

This allows a greater element of dynamicity for investments which have a high demand for better quality effluent.

Depending on its size, the plant is prefabricated in the form of sub-assemblies suitable for transportation and is installed by merging them on-site or delivered compacted, if transport conditions allow this.

Final effluent of high quality

The system is adapted to satisfy the specific needs of users and enable them to minimise or even eliminate the impact on the environment and the responsibilities attached to this.

EKO-Gramont boasts a decentralised system for the treatment of wastewater, providing a more economical and long-term solution.

The plant uses mostly recognised and accepted elementary processes for wastewater treatment.

The prefabricated compact EKO-Gramont system uses pipe-sediments for biological treatment of aerobic, facultative aerobic and anaerobic methods, ensuring the highly effective mechanical treatment of wastewater.

In case your project needs finishing effluent, macro biological methods can be upgraded to the tertiary treatment facilities, i.e. by removing nutrients of quality, the effluent leads to slow filters which produce effluent of class II b standard, and which are in fact, close to class II a.

The performances of the plant are the following:

Reduction of SM> 90%

Reduction BOD5> 85%

Aerobic effluents: presence of O2

Produces Water suitable for tertiary treatment (groundwater infiltration)

Makes sludge, anaerobic digests ran the field drying and driving in the solid state to the final disposition in areas with field crops.


Revitalization of the device in Soko Banja

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