Assembly Building Company « GRAMONT INŽENJERING ” LLC Niš was founded in 1991 from electricians firm established in 1977 in Niš. The company had developed in desire to please the market’s tendencies, with the entire package of services, turnkey principle. We developed, aside from our primary activity, in all other fields of civil engineering as a whole. Now we are one of the leaders in the region with the longest tradition. The company has an extensive reference list of buildings. At the very beginning we engaged primarily in construction work, later we expanded our program of work and our range of products, manufacturing of electrical installations, producing shower cabins, aluminum locksmith, aluminum and wood joined carpentry, as well as manufacturing of metal structures.

We have always been oriented towards progress and development of better living conditions, as well as the development of a healthier environment. From our humble beginning we wanted to be a part of the research and innovation team, therefore we  have participated in many projects in collaboration with  Civil Engineering and Architectural Faculty, Electronics Faculty and Faculty of Occupational Safety, University of Nis, which were approved by the Ministry of Science and Development, as well as Tempus projects , financed by the European Union, as well as in many other projects.

We are the only company that uses the Macro-biological treatment of wastewater, “EKOLOSKI program”, a plant for wastewater treatment. Our goal is to conquer the market of effluent water treatments with our EKO-Gramont systems for wastewater treatment.

Buildings, with the highest individual consumption rate, with the total energy consumption of 40 % at the global scale, give civil engineering a great possibility for smooth progress. We being a building company are more than willing to carry out our own weight of development.

As a logical extension of our future plans, we established research teams to explore and develop better solutions for the new challenges that we will face in near future in terms of sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gases.

We strive to provide excellence, safer and healthier future of building.