Aluminium joinery

Joinery made of aluminum profile meets the highest standards of today’s market. There are many advantages to this type of windows and doors fitting. Saving the thermal energy at first place is non-negligible, strength of aluminum ensures the structural stability of the elements and their long life, plus the elements do not have high weight. Aluminium is environmentally acceptable as a natural material that can be hundred percent recyclable. With the treatment of profiles, one can get a desired color combination as well as getting an aluminum-timber profile, where timber as a warmer material is located on the inner side of the building.

On the photos you can see aluminum portals around the ground floor of commercial and residential building Mosaic, external and internal joinery in the health center in Niska Banja, while in kindergarten, in the estate Branko Bjegović, all joinery is made with the aluminum-timber profiles.