Health institutions

Title Year
Building a roof and reconstruction of Center for mother and child at the Dental Clinic in Kruševcu 2003-2004.
Reconstruction of building  “DIC” SC  “Čair” Niš 2003-2004.
Revitalization of the former building of bookkeepers for the Clinical Center. 2004-2005.
Clinical Center Niš 2006,2007,2008.
Pharmacy Niš 2007, 2008.
Specialistic Hospital Toponica 2009-2010.
Clinical Center -eye clinic 2010.
Specialistic Hospital Toponica 2011.
Health center in estate B.Bjegović 2012.
Health center in  Niška Banja-I phase 2012.
Health center in  Niška Banja-II phase 2012.
Health center  in Niška Banja-III phase U toku
Clinic „Maja“ – electrical works, installation of water and sewage, facade carpentry U toku
Emergency Hospital  Niš 2013.
Medico-sports diagnostic institute in Niš 2014.